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Windows Vista/7 Active Desktop Substitute

I've recently gotten windows seven. I noticed that it was lacking a few things I liked about WinXP. One of which is that windows 7 and Vista removed the Active Desktop feature that allowed you to put animated GIFs on your desktop without frames or an external program. Well, that ticked me off, and I enjoy my dancing anime girls. So I made a neat little program in Visual Basic that does this.

Get it Here.

Tutorial HERE

Windows Media Player Taskbar Toolbar

I noticed in windows Vista and 7 that the Media Player doesn't have the toolbar anymore. That made me mad. They got rid of that in favor of the Aero Peek thing. There is a way you can downgrade your Media Player, but I STRONGLY suggest that you DON'T try it. I accidentally murdered my first copy of win7 trying it. Instead, use WMPkeys get it Here.

Here's how to set it up.

1: Install it.

2: Right click the menu area of Windows Media player then click View then Plugins, then select Background, and you can modify WMPKeys settings here. It isn't a toolbar, but it makes it easier if you don't have a media keyboard.

Custom Themes

I love the Aero transparency, the wallpaper switchers and all that good stuff that comes with Windows 7.

My Problem: I get sick of things very quickly, SO I did a little research. Apparently there's a way to edit windows 7 visual elements much like windows XP. 

Basically what this tweak does, is unlock your windows themes services. 

It allows the use of third party themes like mine (see the screenshot below)

 Here's how to do it.

1: Download this program. (click "Play with the bits...") It won't actually blow up your pc, this was their way of being funny.

2: Use the program. It should do it automatically. or with little to no interaction.

3: Download a theme like this one. Then, install them by copying the .theme file, and the corresponding folder to [C:\Windows\Resources\Themes] (Where 'C:\' is your windows drive)You can find many Windows 7 themes at DeviantArt.

4: Right Click Desktop and select Personalize.

5: open the theme. (see screenshot below)

 6: Enjoy

Note: You may have noticed that my start orb looks funny. Well, it does, with the basic win7 theme.  The start orb does NOT change when you change themes. You need something else for that. See the next section.


Windows 7 Start Orb

Well, You've changed your theme, but you are stuck with the bland Windows 7 Start orb. Let's fix that.

Windows 7 start orb switcher

This is easy to do, and does not depend on your architecture (x86/x64) 

1: Download this program. (I can vouch for it, it is virus, malware, adware, etc free)

2: Extract and put it wherever you want. (I used Program Files)

3: Download a Start Orb like This one. (There are many Orbs available at DeviantArt)

4: Open the Orb Switcher Program.

 5: Click "Select & Change..." then browse for the orb you downloaded.

It will restart windows Explorer. After that you are done.

NOTE: You may notice my dock, just above my taskbar.

It is a program called Winstep Nexus. A simple Google search will find it for you.


Dream Scenes

Windows Vista was the only version of windows to have the DreameScenes feature. DreamScenes are basically moving wallpapers. With dreamscene you can use any video as your background always in .WMV format (Windows Media encoded Video) But before I tell you how to do this, be warned that it is adding/replacing things in your windows directory so it can potentially harm your system. Also I wouldn't recommend using them using them unless you have a really good system. I use a dual core AMD processor with 3GB of ram and dreamscenes sometimes stutters.

So here is how to do it. Download This program. 

Click "Enable Dreamscenes"

Your taskbar and open explorer windows will go away, and the taskbar will return

Find a .wmv video

Right click it

Click "Set as desktop Background"

Super User Windows 7

This is an interesting little feature I discovered by chance. It puts basically every configurable option in windows 7 into one place. WARNING: Modifying things inside can damage your system if you don't know EXACTLY what you are doing.

Be logged in as an Administrator, or a member of the Administrators group.

Create a new folder on the Desktop

Rename the folder to  SYSTEM.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Double click it to open. Have fun murdering Windows (Pun intended)

Note: this is also known as "Windows 7 God Mode" by some.

Google it some time.