Tweaks for your Windows

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Gotta love the Shortcuts.

Note: WinKey is the button that has a windows logo on it.

Winkey + D - Show Desktop (Xp and later)

Winkey + L - Lock your computer (XP and later)

Winkey + Pause | Break - Show System Specs (XP and later)

Winkey + Tab - opens WinFlip keep pressing to cycle through open programs (Vista Home Premium, Vista Ultimate, 7 Home Premium, 7 Ultimate ONLY)

Alt + Tab - Flips through open windows in a 2d view (XP and later)

Ctrl + X - Cut (windows all)

Ctrl + C - Copy (windows all)

Ctrl + V - Paste (Windows all)

Ctrl + Shift + Esc - Task manager (Xp and later)

Ctrl + Alt + Delete - Security Options (Vista and later) Task Manager (XP, 2k)

WinKey + Left Arrow Key - Moves a window to the left of your screen(7 Only)

Winkey + Right Arrow Key - Moves a window to the right side of your screen(7 only)

WinKey + Up Arrow Key - Maximises a window(7 only)

WinKey + Down Arrow Key - Minimizes a window(7 Only)

Shift + Delete - Admin Delete (XP and later, must be logged in as admin. It loads the delete command into a hidden command prompt)


these run in programs that are designed for windows only, and follow the common Windows API

Ctrl + O - Open

Ctrl + S - save

Ctrl + Shift+ S - Save As

Alt + F4 - close