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BMXr Media Player

I no longer need a tutorial here. If you have the program, click Help > How to use then look at the pages I have there.

BMXr Media Player is now on version 4. Many new features added.


New to BMXr Media Player

-Playlist support (.bmxrpl)

-New UI

-Seek Bar

-Custom Controls (Play/pause, stop, next, previous, volume, seek bar)

-Many bugs squashed

-Completely redone help window


Future Aspirations

I'd like to add support for playlists of all types.

I'd like to enable drag and drop.

Of Course fix any new bugs that appear, plus minor inconviniences.

Standalone codecs (Currently runs off of WMPlib)

Keyboard Shortcuts (Has that to some level too, if you have a media keyboard, and it is supported on your computer, it will work with bmxrmp)


Mini Player Mode

Visualizations (Actually has it now, as long as you have visualizations enabled in your WMP)

Whatever I haven't thought of.





 This program is offered on an AS-IS basis without warranty.
By installing you agree to the following:

A: You will not reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise take apart this program for the source code for personal gain

B: You will not Sell this program or any files included for profit.

C: You will not claim this to be a work of your own by any means.

D: This program was not intended to cause damage to any system, but int he case that it does, you will not hold the creator responsible for any damage it may cause.