Tweaks for your Windows

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1: Extract the application(You will need 7-ZIP Or WinRAR fro this. Get 7-zip Here)

2: Make SURE you are using vista, 7, or 8 otherwise it might not work for you. 

3: Make SURE you have the latest .NET Framework installed. get it Here.

4: When it opens up, it'll look like a grey box. Right click then select open to load an image. Youc an load a local file(File on your computer) or a URL (image from a website).

Menu Items: 

Open: opens a dialog to load an image.

Action: Provides options to adjust the image, or close it.

 Make Transparent: Removes the program's background and activates the transparency of the image loaded. Likewise, clicking Make Opaque will return the application's background.

About: Tells you about my program.

Adjust: Opens a box from which you can reposition the gif you loaded to anywhere on your screen. you can use W,A,S, and D to move, Q to finish, and R to reset it to default position. There is also a menu for resizing the images by percents. the center/top left, top right, etc options are not available in this version.

Close: Closes the program

NOTE: if you run the program in any resolution lower than 1024x768, you may not be able to use the program.


 End User License Agreement
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By installing this software, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this license agreement.

Terms of the agreement are:
A: You will not reverse engineer, dissasemble, or otherwise take this software apart for uses not approved by the creator, Ryuhouji.
B: You will not sell this software for profit or redistribute, post, or otherwise offer a download of this software not approved by the creator.

C: You will NOT blame the creator of this software for any harm it may cause to your computer. This software is not intended to damage a system or files in any way. Any damage as a result of using this software is the end user's fault.