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Hey folks. I am BrandonX. I have killed MANY windows installations just to see how I can tweak the look of it. What of it you ask? Well as a result of my genocide of Windows in general, I know quite a few tips and tricks.

Check out the Tweaks pages to see what I can offer. See the BMXr Applications page to see what programs I've made. See the Windows Shortcuts page to find ways of navigating the massively confusing forests that are Microsoft's operating systems. See the Imaging page to look at my graphical art, and see what I'm capable of, See the Forums to make a request of any kind be it a tweak, a program, or a graphic. The Forums page is a good place to just ask a question. I'm a computer repairman by profession so I should be able to help you with most any computer - related post.

If you really like the site, you can always become a member, and then you'll always be updated on what I'm releasing, Just as it gets released.

If you use the information, tutorials, and programs offered on this site, you do so at your own risk. I will definitely not knowingly spread any viruses or malware of any kind but if you do some damage to your computer as a result of following my instructions, it's on you.


If you are ever in need of live support, .I'm usually on Xfire. Just search for BrandonX or death2952.

I also use Yahoo! IM but Yahoo! IM is my personal line of communication with friends/family/colleagues. To get my IM name use the Contact Page to send a request. I am usually available 4:00 PM to 4:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5:00).